Muscle Classic Cars

Car Lovers Group is a blog of reviews and sharing exciting car info. We have a strong team of people with a burning passion for cars.

All reviews on the site come from real-life experiences. We got into the driver’s seat to record the experience of driving each car on the road. 

After that, we also perform many other tests to assess the accessories and car-related problems fully.

Should I buy new or use or lease? With what budget should I buy a car? Our review and testing efforts aim to answer your questions above.

Our mission is to help shoppers buy with confidence. So, information related to price, product quality, and after-sales service is mentioned in detail.

This information will give you superior knowledge about classic cars and shopping guides.

How We Rate Products

Every product introduced on the blog is tested and reviewed thoroughly. Typically, we will review a product or service on our website using all of the following methods:

  • Gather expert opinions: Expert suggestions and top auto engineers will be helpful info for users.
  • Research product specifications and features: Our staff will read reviews and check out documents and manufacturer statements.
  • Refer to third-party ratings: Some points from famous experts and user feedback are also things we care about.
  • Our real tests.

Editorial Policy

When we started blogging, we tried to handle complex car model specs into something readers could grasp. Our staff always explain the latest techniques, providing insights in an easy way to grasp.

We always provide highly accurate information. We all research their assigned work and bring the most helpful sharing to readers.

Affiliate Marketing

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